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Rovex Specialist Carbon EGI Squid Wrangler Rod $80.00
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One of the latest model of rods from Carpenter that doesn’t lack any lifting power and still have the sensitivity of Carpenter rods!

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Kll is part of the research range this is the rod for those big long cast with big stickbaits when you need to get that cast up on edge or close to shore and pull the monster big black Gt out the tip section will twitch and pitch your stickbait for that explosive strike then the bottom end power of the rod comes in to lead the fish back to you  



Length: 2425mm (1 + Handle, Packed Length: 1690mm)

Line: PE 8-10

Lure: -250g

Maximum Drag: 14kg

Rod Weight:395gm

 Top Guide: MNST-16

Middle Guide: MNSG

Butt Guide: MNSG-40

Reel Seat: DPS-SD22 Down Lock

End Cap: BRC-22

Front Grip: 270mm

Rear Grip: 430mm

Dimensions 1690 cm
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