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Massive salmon value pack

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3 in stock

Salmon go nuts for soft plastics and metal slugs.  But sometimes its hard to choose what to go for as there are millions of colors and sizes.  So we have taken all the hard work out of the shopping for you by putting together the best salmon slayer pack around to suit boat, beach or pier.  The pack includes:

1 x Yakamito Live Fry 40g Yellow Fisuler

1 x Yakamito Sedge 40g 007 P00916

1 x Yakamito Sin 002 60g P00951

1 x Yakamito Sin 60g BS 901388

1 x Squidgies Bio Tough Flick Bait 100

1 x SFT Lures Soft Plastics

1 x Entice Bungee Bait Paddler 3 Inch Colour 2

1 x Entice Bungee Bait Twitcher 5 Inch Colour 3

This Massive Pack normally retails in our store for $110.00 and is now only whilst stocks last $49.99 + Post

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